Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Peirced Molly McIntire's Ears For The First Time MySelf

Hey, So This Morning at 12AM I Decided To Peirce Molly McIntire's Ears For The First Time All By MySelf. I Was Pretty Confident Doing It and I Have No Regrets Doing It. I Used The Same Techic As Most AG Doll Lovers. I Used a Push Pin. I Watched A Video On Just To Double Check It To Make Sure I Would Do It Right. I Think I Did A Pretty Good Job. BTW: I Didn't ASK MY MOM SO I SUGGEST YOU DO BEFORE DOING IT! When I Showed My Mom She Thought It Looked Nice. All She Said Was "I Hope That's What You Really Wanted To Do." I Told Her I Was Sure" and I Am Sure. She Looks So Nice. My Mom Has Total Confidence In Me For What I SET My MIND To. (:

~Alyssa AKA HelloKittyPink14

Saturday, November 3, 2012

American Girl Doll Saige Girl Of The Year 2013 + Thoughts

Hello, AG Lovers! So Yeaterday I was On and I Saw An UpDated Post On The Girl Of The Year For 2013. When I Saw The Picture I Was Really Happy, But To Me She Looks Like Already 3 Dolls That Have Been Made.
Ok, So Here Shown Above Are The 3 Dolls That I Think Really Compare To Saige Girl Of The Year 2013. You Can See The Comparisson Right Away, I Don't Even Need To EXPLAIN!

Over All I Still Want Saige Because One Day When I Get Nicki Girl Of The Year 2007 They Can All Be Triplets. I Really Want Triplets. I Already Own My AG #23 Because She Is My Look A Like Doll. I Hope To Get Saige For My Birthday In May Of 2013. I'll Be Turing 18 In May. WOW!
What Are Your Thoughts? Let Me Know.
~Alyssa AKA HelloKittyPink14

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Queens Treasures Tea Time Treats Giveaway

Picture Belongs To The Queen's Treasures and

Four bakery treat sets for dolls from The Queen’s Treasures including a set of 6 cookies for dolls, 3 fancy cupcakes, 4 mini cupcakes and a layer cake along with cake boxes to store them in. (dishes shown in photos above are not included)
  • Mandatory entry – visit The Queen’s Treasures website and browse the doll food and dishes category – leave a comment below letting us know what items your dolls would need to have the perfect tea party.
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  • We will be using the “And the winner is” plugin to select one (1) winner at random.
Disclosure: Doll Diaries have been given this set for review and photography purposes, but all opinions are my own.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Wow! It's Been 3 Years. Just Imagine When I Hit 5 Or Even 10 Years Then I Will Be Really Shocked. I Started My YouTube Channel HelloKittyPink14 In 2009 and Let Me Say My Channel Went Through alot. My Channel Started Out Great In 2009, But Then After Mid 2010 It Just Went Down Hill and I Deleted All Of My Videos. Then In 2011 I Started Back Up Again, But Then Torwards June It Went Down Hill Again And Just Lost Intrest Because I Was Obbssed With MakeUp Like Any Other Girl.Also In July I Got Really Sick With Kidney Problems, But When I Got Out I Told Myself That In August I Will Make a Come Back and I Did. Ever Since August My Channel Has Being Doing Great. Being On AGTUBE FOR 3 YEARS HAS BEEN WONDERFUL! I HAVE MET AMZING PEOPLE AND EVEN WON MY FIRST AGTUBE CONTEST THIS YEAR IN 2012. NOW WINNING THAT TRULY BROUGHT ME LOTS OF HAPPINESS. The Contest I Won Was kkollect's What Makes You Really Happy? and I WON 1ST Place and Getting Samantha Parkington. I Could Not Thank kkollect Enough. Just Being Here On AGTUBE IS REALLY A BLESSING AND I'M VERY GREATFUL TO BE HERE. (:
~Alyssa aka HelloKittyPink14

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Started Making An American Girl Doll School Scene Setting

Hey, Everyone So I Started Making An American Girl Doll School Scene Setting. Since It's Back To School Month I Thought Why Not Make One. I Start School This Week September 6th. I'm Excited For School Because I'm A Senior. Yay! Which Means It's My Last Year. I'm So Glad To Be Done With School Already.
Here Is How My School Looks Like So Far. I Will Be Posting Updates On My YouTube Channel Of How The School Is Coming Along.
Have A Fun and Safe Labor Day Week and Don't For Get The People Who Died On 9/11. ):
~Alyssa aka HelloKittyPink14

Thursday, August 30, 2012

American Girl Doll Products Sneak Peak #1

Hey AG Lovers! I Got Some New AG Products To Show That Are Coming Out This Fall/Winter. I Don't Know Any Names Yet But These Are The Products That Will Be Coming Out Show In The Photo Below.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Samantha Parkington Is Here!

Yay! I'm So Happy Samantha Is Here. I Have Waited Years To Get Her and Now Finally She's Here. Samantha Arrived Today and My Mom Had To Rush To The Post Office To Get Her Before They Closed. I Live Right Accross The Street From It. Other Than That Samantha Made It Here Fine and Is Doing Well. I Would Love To Stay In Contact With kkollect and Become Better Friends With Her. kkollect Is Awsome! Can't Thank kkollect and Her Family Enough For Giving Samantha To Me and My Family. My Mom Saw Samantha After I Opened Her and She Said "She's Pretty." I'm So In Love With Samantha. She's Soooo Gorgeous! Samantha Will Be Very Much Cared For and Loved Very Much! I Would Love To Stay In
My UpComing Videos Featuring Samantha:
1. Opening Samantha Parkington From kkollect
2. Samantha's Arrival Into The Family
~Alyssa aka HelloKittyPink14~