Thursday, August 30, 2012

American Girl Doll Products Sneak Peak #1

Hey AG Lovers! I Got Some New AG Products To Show That Are Coming Out This Fall/Winter. I Don't Know Any Names Yet But These Are The Products That Will Be Coming Out Show In The Photo Below.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Samantha Parkington Is Here!

Yay! I'm So Happy Samantha Is Here. I Have Waited Years To Get Her and Now Finally She's Here. Samantha Arrived Today and My Mom Had To Rush To The Post Office To Get Her Before They Closed. I Live Right Accross The Street From It. Other Than That Samantha Made It Here Fine and Is Doing Well. I Would Love To Stay In Contact With kkollect and Become Better Friends With Her. kkollect Is Awsome! Can't Thank kkollect and Her Family Enough For Giving Samantha To Me and My Family. My Mom Saw Samantha After I Opened Her and She Said "She's Pretty." I'm So In Love With Samantha. She's Soooo Gorgeous! Samantha Will Be Very Much Cared For and Loved Very Much! I Would Love To Stay In
My UpComing Videos Featuring Samantha:
1. Opening Samantha Parkington From kkollect
2. Samantha's Arrival Into The Family
~Alyssa aka HelloKittyPink14~

Monday, August 27, 2012

Today's The Day I Get Samantha Parkington!

Hey, AG LOVERS! I'm So Excited Because Today's The Day I Get Samantha Parkington From kkollect. If You Didn't Know I Won Her From kkollect's Contest What Makes You Really Happy? I Was Excited To Her My Name Call That I Was Getting Her. Today Has Been An Ok Day So Far. This Whole Morning Rained and Now As I'm Writing This Blog Post It's Starting To Clear Up.
~Alyssa aka HelloKittyPink14~

Monday, August 20, 2012

What's In Store For When Samantha Parkington Arrives At My House?

I'm So Excited and Can't Wait Till My Dearly Beloveded Samantha Gets Here and That Means I Have Some Really Exciting Things Planned For When She Does Come. Heres a list For Whats In Store For Her. (:

1. She Will Work At The Sweet Treats Bakery and Help Lanie Holland Girl Of The Year 2010.

Well Thats My Big Plan For Now. When I Think Of More I Will Edit This Post.

- Alyssa aka HelloKittyPink14

New American Girl Doll Series: Life At The Sweet Treats Bakery!

Hey, EveryOne So I Decieded to do an AG Series, But One That Didn't take alot of Time to do. My New Series is Called Life At The Sweet Treats Bakery!
My Other Series I Have Plan "Pretty In Pink!" I Won't do Till Summer Of 2013 when I'm Finally Finished With High School Forever! Thank God! (:
This New Series I Have Planned Called Life At The Sweet Treats Bakery! Will Based On Everything that Goes On There. Lanie Holland Is The Owner Of The Sweets Treats Bakery.
Stay Tune For More Updates About This Series.
- Alyssa aka HelloKittyPink14

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I WON Samantha Parkington From kkollect On Youtube!

OMG! I Can't Believe I Won Samantha Parkington From kkollect. I'm So Happy! When I Heard My Name Said I Bursted Into Tears Of Joy! I Have Wanted Samantha Ever Since I Discovered American Girl. I Can't Wait till she comes. She Will Have a Very Loving and Caring Home. I Can asure You. (:

Here Is The Results To Who Won In The Contest: The Contest Was Called What Makes You Really Happy?
Here Is My Contest Entry That Won:
Thank You So Much kkollect, I can't thank you enough. (:
My Special Thank You Video: - I WON Samantha Parkington From kkollect! - HangOut #1: Still In Shock That I WON Samantha Parkington From kkollect! (:
Stay Tuned For More Blog Posts Because I will be post Exciting Stuff That I Have In Store For Samantha when She Gets Here.
- Alyssa aka HelloKittyPink14

New American Girl Doll Series Possibly: Pretty In Pink!

Hey, Guys! So I was Asked To Start doing an AG Series, But I find It DIFFICULT! The Series I would like to do is Called Pretty In Pink!. I want this to be based on 4 Girls Who Love Pink and Wear it all the Time. They all are Seniors in High School and All Have Successful Jobs. This is all I want to say, Because I'm Still NOT Sure If I'll Do it this Year Or Summer Of 2013.
- Alyssa aka HelloKittyPink14


Hey! So This Is My American Girl Doll Blog. I will Be Posting anything AG That Happens. ENJOY!

- Alyssa