Friday, September 14, 2012


Wow! It's Been 3 Years. Just Imagine When I Hit 5 Or Even 10 Years Then I Will Be Really Shocked. I Started My YouTube Channel HelloKittyPink14 In 2009 and Let Me Say My Channel Went Through alot. My Channel Started Out Great In 2009, But Then After Mid 2010 It Just Went Down Hill and I Deleted All Of My Videos. Then In 2011 I Started Back Up Again, But Then Torwards June It Went Down Hill Again And Just Lost Intrest Because I Was Obbssed With MakeUp Like Any Other Girl.Also In July I Got Really Sick With Kidney Problems, But When I Got Out I Told Myself That In August I Will Make a Come Back and I Did. Ever Since August My Channel Has Being Doing Great. Being On AGTUBE FOR 3 YEARS HAS BEEN WONDERFUL! I HAVE MET AMZING PEOPLE AND EVEN WON MY FIRST AGTUBE CONTEST THIS YEAR IN 2012. NOW WINNING THAT TRULY BROUGHT ME LOTS OF HAPPINESS. The Contest I Won Was kkollect's What Makes You Really Happy? and I WON 1ST Place and Getting Samantha Parkington. I Could Not Thank kkollect Enough. Just Being Here On AGTUBE IS REALLY A BLESSING AND I'M VERY GREATFUL TO BE HERE. (:
~Alyssa aka HelloKittyPink14

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  1. Congrats on your 3 year you tube anniversary! It's so much fun to see all diffrent kinds of girls creating videos! We'd LOVE it if you checked out (and maybe followed?) our blog, The Spicys.

    Thanks, hope to see you there!xoxo