Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Peirced Molly McIntire's Ears For The First Time MySelf

Hey, So This Morning at 12AM I Decided To Peirce Molly McIntire's Ears For The First Time All By MySelf. I Was Pretty Confident Doing It and I Have No Regrets Doing It. I Used The Same Techic As Most AG Doll Lovers. I Used a Push Pin. I Watched A Video On Just To Double Check It To Make Sure I Would Do It Right. I Think I Did A Pretty Good Job. BTW: I Didn't ASK MY MOM SO I SUGGEST YOU DO BEFORE DOING IT! When I Showed My Mom She Thought It Looked Nice. All She Said Was "I Hope That's What You Really Wanted To Do." I Told Her I Was Sure" and I Am Sure. She Looks So Nice. My Mom Has Total Confidence In Me For What I SET My MIND To. (:

~Alyssa AKA HelloKittyPink14

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