Sunday, August 19, 2012

I WON Samantha Parkington From kkollect On Youtube!

OMG! I Can't Believe I Won Samantha Parkington From kkollect. I'm So Happy! When I Heard My Name Said I Bursted Into Tears Of Joy! I Have Wanted Samantha Ever Since I Discovered American Girl. I Can't Wait till she comes. She Will Have a Very Loving and Caring Home. I Can asure You. (:

Here Is The Results To Who Won In The Contest: The Contest Was Called What Makes You Really Happy?
Here Is My Contest Entry That Won:
Thank You So Much kkollect, I can't thank you enough. (:
My Special Thank You Video: - I WON Samantha Parkington From kkollect! - HangOut #1: Still In Shock That I WON Samantha Parkington From kkollect! (:
Stay Tuned For More Blog Posts Because I will be post Exciting Stuff That I Have In Store For Samantha when She Gets Here.
- Alyssa aka HelloKittyPink14

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